S&D MEP Marlene Mizzi welcomed the Maltese Presidency saying that it will play a very important role in breathing new life and energy into Project Europe, by focusing on challenges, which affect us all – like, migration, security and Brexit, amongst others.

Marlene Mizzi made her statement during a plenary debate in Strasbourg on Wednesday morning, where MEPs debated the priorities of the incoming Maltese Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

“It is most ironic that when in March we will mark the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – a treaty, which calls for greater unity amongst people of Europe – will also probably see the United Kingdom triggering Article 50, which will start the process of  its separation  from the Union – two events which fall into Malta´s lap and which should serve to increase our efforts for unity of the EU,” said MEP during the debate.

MEP Mizzi believes that this is a message from citizens that the Union needs to reconnect with its people, if we are to safeguard the future of the European Union. “That is why, I am particularly pleased to see that the theme of the Maltese Presidency is rEUnion focusing on listening and working for its people.”

During her address to  the  European Parliament, in the presence of  PM Joseph Muscat, MEP Mizzi said: “The time has come to present a more unified, focused and determined Europe, so that the people´s confidence in the EU is regained. We have to work towards fulfilling promises to our citizens – like abolishing roaming charges, revision of the Dublin regulation and reform of the European asylum system, so that people will really feel the benefits of membership.”




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