MEP Marlene Mizzi has been nominated for the MEP of the Year award for her work on animal welfare issues. The other two MEPs nominated in her category come from the United Kingdom and Italy.

As Vice-President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup, Marlene Mizzi has played a leading role in gathering political support around demands for the European Commission to develop a new EU five-year Animal Welfare Strategy and was instrumental, through her role as a Vice-Chair of Parliament’s Petitions committee, in commissioning an independent report tasked with analysing animal welfare across the EU.

Mizzi last year co-hosted an event on the welfare of ducks in Foie Gras production which highlighted several novel approaches to ending the controversial farming practice. She also recently hosted an event in Malta aimed at putting animal welfare on the Maltese EU Council Presidency agenda.

MEP Mizzi: “I am honoured for being shortlisted with this nomination, not only for me but as well for Malta. When it comes to the welfare and protection of animals there is no political colour. You are either an animal lover or you are not, and colours and ideologies of political groups do not matter.”

“As the Vice-President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup of the European Parliament, I have been a very active member, standing strong for the protection and promotion of animal health and habitat since the very beginning of my mandate. I take this nomination as a political sign that the work we are doing to protect animals doesn’t go unnoticed by the people and that it is time to take a strong stance in promoting of animal welfare across Europe,” said Marlene Mizzi.

The award brings together members of the European Parliament, the Commission and the EU stakeholder community to acknowledge the work and achievements of MEPs across a range of policy areas. MEPs are nominated in different categories and are voted for by other MEPs. The results of the vote will be announced on  March 22.




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