The European Parliament voted with an overwhelming majority 629 to 34, with 30 abstentions, MEP Marlene Mizzi’ s Report on Standards for the 21st Century.

Commissioner Bieńkowska highly praised the excellent Report and its recommendations at an extensive debate the day before the vote. ‘’ This is an important document, important for us, important for the European standardisation community.’’ said the EU Commissioner.

Members of the Parliament from a wide  political spectrum agreed that this Report has  real added value and it is of strategic importance for the European standardisation system representing the Parliament’s position on how standards should evolve in the future.

The report calls for “a more open, inclusive and transparent approach” to the European standardisation system that takes full account of citizens, consumers and SEMs concerns  based on close partnership, cooperation and broad support of all stakeholders involved in the process.

MEP Marlene Mizzi: ‘’ This is a technical report but extremely important for citizens and companies. Without common standards, companies will not be able to operate on the single market and people will not be able to use safe products cross-border. Just imagine you have a USB that cannot be plugged into your computer or that you mobile device don’t have WIFI and cannot connect to the internet.  This is all the work of standards.

“Standards are there to guarantee that products are fit for purpose, work smoothly and reliably together providing high quality and safety safeguards for citizens!  However, the Standardisation environment is changing rapidly and we need to respond to those challenges. Therefore, I have proposed a number of strategic recommendations in my Report, which are essential for the future of the European system.”

Mizzi’s report considers that enhancing the synergies and coordination between all stakeholders, improving the accessibility and transparency of the standardisation process and removing  de facto obstacles to an effective involvement of SMEs, consumers and environmental organisations are key for the improvement of the system.

Furthermore, the Report proposes the creation of a single points of access to standards, European register for standards and Annual Standardisation Forum, where once a year stakeholders can meet and discuss new challenges in this field.

The Report is intended as Parliament’s contribution to the first ever Inter-institutional Dialogue and to the Commission’s Annual Work Programme on standards 2018, which will be adopted in July.


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