“One of the main obstacles encountered  by citizens and businesses who are  moving, working, studying or just offering their services or products cross-border,  is finding the relevant and accurate information and having access to quality administrative procedures. We need one single digital entry point for citizens and business that will address these needs. And this is exactly what I will be pushing for as a rapporteur,” said MEP Marlene Mizzi.

MEP Marlene Mizzi from the S&D Group made these remarks after being appointed by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee as a rapporteur on the new legislative proposal for a Single Digital Gateway.

“The new legislative proposal will make it easier for people and companies to manage their paperwork online through a single digital entry point , which will provide  access to administrative procedures and high quality information. Such information is paramount when starting up a business, accessing finance, taxation rules, accessing pensions’ rights and social benefits etc. It will also provide assistance and problem solving services in case further help is needed by the citizens,” explained Marlene Mizzi.

MEP Mizzi emphasised that digital technologies and digitalisation of the single market are transforming the way we live, work, do business and travel. Digital technologies are also part of the modernisation of the public administration and it only makes logical sense that governments also move towards the digital world by providing their services in an easily accessible online format to EU citizens and companies.

“The information is already out there and many digital tools already exists. And yet people and companies are still not aware of them. They still encounter serious  difficulties accessing and understanding the information and procedures needed for their business, travel or work. Instead of being helped , people and companies get even more confused and tangled in red tape, with information and procedures often scattered, incomplete and not transparent.”

“Too much information in too many different places creates more barriers than solutions. I am glad to be the rapporteur to this legislation that will streamline all those different portals, access points and information websites into a single digital gateway to provide citizens, SMEs and start-ups with one single access point to quality information and procedures,” Said Marlene Mizzi.

“As the rapporteur, I will try to ensure that the EU delivers a concrete practical tool that provides solutions to the daily problems and questions of citizens and business, so they can make full use of the Single Market benefits. I also encourage stakeholders to come forward with their comments and suggestions to this new legislation. This will be  a legislative move towards really making life easier for citizens and businesses,” said MEP Mizzi.


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