For the second time in five months, the state of Malta is being placed in the bench of the accused, discriminately, in front of the European Parliament – this is not normal.
This Parliament is being used to undermine a Member State and to throw spanners in the wheels of a democratically elected government, to satisfy a partisan agenda.
This resolution – undoubtedly composed by a Maltese hand – is a hotchpotch of topics and accusations, specifically intended to throw a bad light on Malta, many of which have nothing to do with a debate on the rule of law Maltese institutions are not perfect – likewise, they are not in other States. No country is free of criminality, also that financial. No country can state that it is free from abuses or scandals. It certainly does not mean that we should not fight all types of criminality and abuses. On the contrary!
What happens in Malta, happened and is happening in all other countries.
But in Malta’s case, everything is being blown out of proportion to satisfy a partisan agenda.
All those who are pointing fingers at Malta have four other fingers pointing at themselves. To use Malta as a scapegoat is not something which should be acceptable in this institution.
The damage which is purposely being inflicted on Malta is jeopardising investment, jobs, the economy and Malta’s future.
The intention of this resolution is not genuine, but intended to damage the Maltese Government and to bring Malta to its knees.
But you will not succeed!

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