Letter to M Weber

MEP Marlene Mizzi’s letter to Manfred Weber, Chairman, EPP, copied to President Tajani and the media.

Dear Mr Weber,
I refer to the letter you sent to President Tajani, and published in the media, soliciting his intervention so that the MEPs delegation sent to Malta will have “suitable protection “during their visit.
I understand that you are soliciting different “suitable” protection from that which protocol provides to MEP delegations visiting other EU member states. Allow me to state with all due respect that this is shameful letter, offensive to the State of Malta and to the majority of Maltese people, because it is a misrepresentation of the factual situation in Malta.
I suspect that you are repeating what you have been told by persons who only have partisan interest at heart. I would have expected a more responsible behaviour from a head of a major political group.
Malta has held the Council Presidency for the first six month of this year (Jan – June 2017 ) when hundreds of MEPs and EU officials visited our country. Nobody complained about any safety issues, nor is anyone aware of any fear felt during anybody’s stay in the country. On the contrary, Malta passed this test with flying colour from all points of view.
May I also remind you, lest you have forgotten, that your Party, the EPP, chose to hold its Congress in Malta in March 2017 . Again nobody has flagged an issues which concerned fear or safety – even though one of the topics discussed in the congress was security policies.
Apart from these events Malta also hosted the ACP -EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly as well as substantial number of other conferences and visits from foreign dignitaries. We are yet to hear of the “fear” they felt for their safety during their visit to Malta.
Irrespective of your erroneous statements or impressions, Malta has not changed since then. So I fail to understand your fear for the safety of the MEP delegation. While I wish the MEP delegation a successful visit, I have no doubt that they will feel, and be safe.
The atrocious murder of Mrs Caruana Galizia has shocked all Maltese persons and rest assured that we all want justice to prevail. Nobody needs to tell us so.
But to exploit this assassination to throw aspersions on a country, when atrocious acts, unfortunately happen everywhere, including your own country, is shameful and irresponsible.
You are evidently parroting information you have been given. May I respectfully recommend that instead of using someone else’s mind to produce such letters, you use your own independent mind? If you had done so, I am sure you would not have produced such offensive literature with regards to the State of Malta and the Maltese people.
Marlene Mizzi, MEP, Malta

Marlene MIZZI, MEP
Vice-Chair Committee on Petitions
FM Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection
SM Committee on Culture and Education

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