In her capacity as a Vice-Chair of the PETI Committee, MEP Marlene Mizzi urged the European Parliament in Strasbourg to provide better awareness of the right of the EU citizens to submit petitions to the European Parliament.

“The Petitions Committee empowers EU citizens with the right to bring to the Parliament issues which are important to them in their everyday lives, and to have their concerns specifically addressed by the MEPs and by the Parliament,” saidMarlene Mizzi in Strasbourg, where MEPs voted upon the Annual Report on the activities of the Committee on Petitions. Marlene Mizzi said: “The Committee plays a vital role in reconnecting the EU with the European citizens and in reinforcing the democratic legitimacy and accountability of the EU decision-making process. However one notes that the number of petitions received is still not satisfactory when compared to the EU’s population.”

Mizzi urged the Parliament to provide greater efforts to increase awareness and to promote the right to petition and the work of PETI Committee. “I agree that there should be more communication through the press and social media in order to enhance awareness of the service offered by this important committee,” commented Marlene Mizzi.

“The right to submit a petition to the European Parliament builds an important bridge that needs to be suitably protected and promoted.The positive or negative experience and treatment petitioners receive will further shape their attitude towards the European Union. Therefore, efficient responsetime to citizens´ petitions is paramount, as it assists in enhancing the importance of the citizens to the EU,” said MEP Marlene Mizzi.


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