MEP Marlene Mizzi has been nominated for the MEP of the Year award for her work on the internal market and consumer protection issues. This is the second consecutive nomination for MEP Mizzi, who last year was nominated for her work on animal welfare issues.

Marlene Mizzi is the only Maltese MEP nominated for the MEP Awards 2018. The other two MEPs nominated in her category come from the United Kingdom and Romania.

“I am honoured to be shortlisted for this nomination which is an honour not only for me, but also for Malta. What is particularly satisfying is that my work as an MEP leaves real impact on people’s lives and that the voice of consumers, citizens, micro and small businesses  is heard across the European spectrum and the European Parliament. Being nominated among 751 MEPs is a sign for that the work I am doing does not go unnoticed, which serves to motivate me further to carry on even with more energy and enthusiasm in the same direction,” said MEP Mizzi.

Marlene Mizzi has played a leading role in the internal market and consumer protection committee as a key negotiator on several Digital Single Market dossiers which shaped  European legislation on important issues such as roaming charges. She also worked on net neutrality and European Standards among others and is one of the leading MEPs fighting for lower prices for international phone calls amongst EU member states.

Currently MEP Mizzi is working on a new legislation that will modernise Europe’s telecoms rules. As an S&D negotiator she is fighting to strengthen consumer rights; improving conditions for people with disabilities; providing basic and affordable internet as a universal right for all; and refining the existing emergency numbers 112 and 116 on missing children.

She has also been appointed as the rapporteur on a legislative report that will digitalise public administration of all EU member states and it will make it easier for citizens and businesses to access any administrative information they might need, through a single digital website.

The award brings together Members of the European Parliament, the Commission and the EU stakeholder community to acknowledge the work and achievements of MEPs across a range of policy areas. The results of the vote will be announced on March 21.


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