The European Parliament’s internal market committee (IMCO) today approved with an overwhelming majority Marlene Mizzi’s  legislative report on creating the first ever European single digital gateway that will make it easier for citizens and businesses to do their paperwork online and to find the right administrative information they need wherever they are in the EU. The committee also gave its approval to MEP Marlene Mizzi to start and lead the European Parliament in its negotiations with EU Ministers in order to reach an agreement on the final law. The mandate was approved by 32 votes in favour (91.4%), 3 against and no abstentions.

The gateway will help people interact with Member States’ administrations by providing online access to the most important and frequently used administrative procedures. Citizens and companies based in another Member State, but also for those staying home, would be able to requests their birth certificates, register their cars, declare their taxes, enrol in public universities and much more fully online.

The rapporteur on the legislative proposal,  MEP Marlene Mizzi said: “People and businesses are often not aware and still encounter serious difficulties in accessing and understanding the administrative information and procedures needed for their businesses, travel or to work in another country. Instead of finding online assistance, we often waste precious time and money tangled up in red tape, with information and procedures that are often scattered, incomplete and not transparent. Citizens and business will no longer have to trawl numerous websites to find the information required.”

“Easy access to high-quality online information, administrative procedures and problem-solving solutions are key elements for the success of the digital single market. The new rules will make it easier for citizens and businesses to manage their paperwork online through a single digital entry point. Such a service is paramount when starting a business, accessing finances and taxation rules, accessing pensions’ rights and social benefits, as well as other information or procedures which citizens may need to access for their cross-border activities. It will also provide access to assistance and problem-solving services in case further help is needed,” said MEP Mizzi.

MEP Mizzi said: “Today, the IMCO Committee has accomplished an important milestone towards the digitalisation of public services and a further move towards making the digital single market a reality. This is a key step in achieving responsive, inclusive, border-less, user-friendly digital public services to citizens and businesses wherever they are in the EU.”



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