Marlene Mizzi was awarded the MEP of the Year Award during a ceremony in Brussels for her work and achievements on the internal market and consumer protection issues.

MEP Marlene Mizzi has played a leading role in the internal market and consumer protection committee as key negotiator on several Digital Single Market dossiers. She has helped finalising and drafting European legislation on important issues such as net neutrality and abolishing roaming charges. She also worked on a strategic report on shaping the future of European standards and is one of the leading MEPs fighting for lower prices on international phone calls within Europe.

Commenting on her award, Marlene Mizzi said: “It is such an honour to win this prestigious MEP of the Year award, not only for me, but also for Malta. I am humbled that people have placed their faith and trust in me especially because I have been given this award for my contributions in the area of digital single market.

“What is particularly satisfying is that my work as an MEP leaves real impact on people’s lives and that the voice of consumers, citizens, and micro and small businessesis heard across the European spectrum and the European Parliament.

“The world is changing rapidly. The digital revolution opens immense possibilities for people and business, but as well as tremendous challenges. We need to ensure that the digital world we live in is more fair, just and sustainable, and provides equal opportunities for all,” said Marlene Mizzi.

Currently MEP Mizzi is working on two new big legislative projects. The first one will modernise Europe’s telecom rules and the second one will digitalise public administration of all EU member states. As an S&D negotiator she is fighting to strengthen consumer rights, improving conditions for people with disabilities, providing basic and affordable internet as a universal right for all, and refining the existing emergency numbers 112.

“This award is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, and I will continue to represent citizens, consumers and businesses across Europe with the utmost devotion and boldness,” said Marlene Mizzi during the ceremony.

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