As a private citizen,  as well as the Vice President of the Intergroup of Animal Welfare of the European Parliament, I would like to strongly register to my objection to such actions seemingly authorised by the Birgu Council, to eliminate pigeons in such a barbaric and cruel manner, in broad daylight and in a built up area  with a serious breach of public safety.

While it is acknowledged that pigeons can cause a problems of public hygiene, it is also a fact that shooting them is only a temporary solution which causes bigger problems  and produces bigger and stronger numbers.

However the issue of shooting these birds in broad daylight and in built up areas, and the suffering and cruelty of such actions, beg the following questions, for which replies would be appreciated:

  • FTA the Police Commissioner, Mr Laurence Cutajar: Did the perpetrators have a police authority to use guns in built up areas? If not, what is the police  going to do about this abuse  and danger to public safety caused by such  irresponsible actions?
  • FTA the Animal Welfare Commissioner, Mr Emmanuel Buhagiar: Was the Animal Welfare authorities consulted  about  using this culling method   to address the problem? Has any action been taken to address the issue of pigeon inconveniences to the public in a humane and effective manner?
  • FTA the Minister for the Environment the Hon Jose Herrera, and the PS for Animal Welfare, The Hon Clint Camilleri: was the Ministry  informed of such action being taken? What is the Ministry going to do about future culling in the interest of the environment and animal welfare?
  • FTA the Minister of Tourism, The Hon Konrad Mizzi: Is the Ministry  aware of the damage to the image of our country when tourists witness such barbaric actions?

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