MEP Marlene Mizzi paid a courtesy visit to the Carers for Strays and Abandoned Felines shelter (CSAF) in Cospicua. She was shown round the facility which houses hundreds of cats – many of them maimed, sick, pregnant or abandoned.She thanked all CSAF workers for their dedication and invaluable work with strays and abandoned animals. She praised the volunteers for their generosity and sacrifices to compensate for the negligence of certain heartless members of our society and made a donation ofcat toys and food to CSAF to help and support their precious work.

MEP Mizzi said: “I appreciate the voluntary work done by many so that stray and abandoned animals are treated in the best possible way. We know that whoever has domestic animals loves them as if they were family members. As Vice-President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals I am doing everything possible to be the voice of suffering animals, but above all to lobby for funds to be voted specifically for animal welfare.”

In 2017 MEP Marlene Mizzi won the prestigious international award of the Eurogroup for Animals for her exceptional work in in the area of animal welfare. In the same year she was nominated for the MEP of the Year Award for her contribution on issues on animal protection.

MEP Marlene Mizzi said that the Government, EU and NGOs should join forces to work on a strong educational campaign so that whoever decides to get a pet does not abandon it because, at the end of the day,it is an innocent animal which suffers the consequences.

She appealed for financial contributions , food or other material to be given to such sanctuaries, as we have to appreciate that by caring for strays and abandoned animals, these sanctuaries are giving a priceless service to our society. If it were not for themthese strays would have been roaming our streets with all the health problems that this would mean.

One can give a donation to CSAF by sending an SMS to 5061 7353 for €2.33, 5061 8069 for €4.66, 5061 9243 for €11.65; or through PayPal to [email protected] to the BOV bank account 400 198 762 98.


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