In the plenary session in Strasbourg, MEP Marlene Mizzi voted to stop the use of EU money for the breeding of bulls for bullfighting. Marlene Mizzi, together with other MEPs, urged the Commission to make the necessary adjustments in the next EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) in order not to use any agricultural subsidies for the breeding of bulls for bullfighting. The amendment on this issue was adopted by a good majority.

“It is unacceptable that EU money is used to support such a shameful activity that taunts and inflicts pain on helpless animals,” Mizzi said. “The EU should not use taxpayers money, through common agricultural policy funding, to subsidise Spanish farmers engaged in rearing bulls for bullfighting — an activity many citizens consider cruel and barbaric. I am pleased that the majority of MEPs have opposed the use of public funds in his manner,” commented Marlene Mizzi shortly after the vote. MEP Mizzi is also the Vice-President of the Intergroup on Animal Welfare, a group who have often objected to  funds being used for the rearing of bulls for bullfighting under the common agricultural funding policy.

The proposal voted on Wednesday, 30th of May, in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, was part of a report on the Future of Food and Farming. “Food and farming have a clear impact on animals and on how they are treated. The upcoming reform of the common agricultural policy is an excellent opportunity to promote better animal welfare standards in the food and farming sectors. This report is a positive improvement and important recognition of the importance of animals and animal welfare in Europe.”

Mizzi said that some EU member states use EU subsidies to support farms that rear bulls used for bullfighting and that the bullfighting industry benefits from millions of euro annually under the Common Agricultural Policy.

“The European Commission should closely monitor member states that do not pay full regard to the animal welfare provisions in the existing European law so that animals do not endure any pain, harm, fear or distress. We need to develop of species-specific EU legislation for the protection of all animals kept for farming and food purposes,” said Marlene Mizzi.

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