Phone calls from one EU country to another should cost almost the same as a domestic call, say MEP Marlene Mizzi, the S&D negotiator on behalf of the internal market parliamentary committee (IMCO) on the new EU’s telecoms rules.

Yesterday late evening the European Parliament’s negotiators reached an agreement with the EU Council for a new legal framework for electronic communications. One of the proposals will reduce the price of phone calls made from one EU member state to another one.

Marlene Mizzi said that “it is on days like today that I realise how our work as MEPs has a real impact on improving the daily lives of all Europeans. Roaming was a great victory for our citizens, but now we have achieved a new milestone towards creating a single telecoms market for all European consumers – intra-EU calls to be almost the same as domestic calls.”

“After months of very tough negotiations, an agreement was finally reached to lower international call charges in many member states, where the citizens will not be charged more than the Union capped price. From May next year, European citizens will be able to call their relatives, families and friends abroad in any Member State without worrying about excessive bills at the end of the month,” commented MEP Mizzi.

“The new rules will give flexibility to the market and to the operators, while ensuring benefits for both consumers and businesses in the communication sector. The final agreement does not only reduce the gap between domestic and international calls, but substantially improves consumers’ rights, the rights for people with disabilities, and ensures that basic and affordable internet is a universal right that must be guaranteed to all EU citizens,” said Marlene Mizzi.

“As part of the telecom legislation, for a first time, we also agreed on creating a compulsory public warning system in each of the EU countries. The system will allow member states to provide direct information and warnings of what is happening and how to stay safe to people finding themselves in the vicinity of a danger zone, such as terrorist attack or natural catastrophe. I am pleased to have negotiated important legislative dossiers which make real and positive impact on the lives of our citizens, particularly in the communication and telecom sector which is an integral part of the everyday life of citizens,” said MEP Mizzi.


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