There should be no doubt that the biggest winner that has emerged from the free and independent magisterial inquiry over the long and winding Egrant affair story is the truth. The Maltese people had already shown their trust in the Prime Minister just over a year ago in a general election that saw him winning by an even bigger majority, but it was the inquiry report that finally lifted the sad shadow that had been so unfairly and unscrupulously cast on Joseph Muscat and his family.

Truth has been triumphant after no less than fifteen months of personal and political anguish for the Muscat family and all those close to them. They had withstood a barrage of local and international media innuendos and insinuations as well as a locally-fanned, concentrated European attack on their integrity and honesty, only to emerge stronger and keener to keep steering the country to even better days.

The Egrant affair, now revealed as a concoction of sheer lies and fraudulent documents aimed solely at embroidering a dark and shadowy web, will go down as probably the biggest failed coup in the history of modern Maltese politics. The attempted frame-up has ended with the black spider caught in its very own slimy web. For the chief perpetrator, former Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil, and his chief instigater inside the European Parliament, David Casa, there seems to be only one decent way out of the mess – resignation.

If Simon Busuttil has an iota of decency and integrity, he would tender his resignation from all political posts. He had based his 2017 electoral campaign on Egrant and tried to destabilize our country for his own cheap political ambitions. As for Casa, who is alien to both decency and integrity, he will always be remembered for going out of his way to protect a liar and for his zealous efforts to humiliate the Maltese nation. Both should do the right thing and go, but don’t hold your breath, as both are pathetic losers and hangers-on.

For Busuttil to ignore the general appeal for a quiet way out of the political quagmire that he has created for himself and to persist with his Donquixottic stance based on now clearly proven lies would be tantamount to further political decay. The idea of shooting wildly from the hip in the hope of hitting anywhere near the intended target, as his immediate reactions on social media have shown, can only lead to increased pressure on him to go … and go quietly rather than screaming. The call has now come not only from his political adversaries but also from his own party, a party desperately seeking to find its way out of the misery he pushed it into as result of his irrational and ill-founded politics of attrition.

While the tendency is for the nation to look back in anger at having had to go through and survive such an ominous and unjust attempt at political entrapment by foul and fiendish means, the reality is that it is still looking ahead and the future beckons.

But Malta and decent Maltese need to be angry. If nt for the sake of the nightmare the Musdcat family has been put through, for the way Malta was portraited internationally throught he supposed corruption of its PM, now proven to be a big frame-up. Malta needs to be angry at Busuttil and the PN MEPs who have incited and fueled other MEPs into considering Malta no less than a Mafia state. The many genuine Pners of goodwill, need to be angry for the embarrassment they and their party have been caused, and for the poisoned fodder they have been fed by a group of people who unscrupulously axked for their votes based on lies and unfounded fairytales. Yes, we all ned to be angry at the unfairness dealt to our country, and the consequent negative undeserved portrayal in the international fora.

Thankfully, Malta is going through its best-ever period of economic growth based on innovation, creativity and stability. It is exactly what the Busuttil et al coup sought to undermine, albeit unsuccessfully, and what was sadly at stake during the inevitably long period of investigation carried out by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja.

While personal and family suffering caused throughout the whole exercise can hardly be overlooked, and I speak from my own and my family’s perspective as victims of similar smear tactics and verbal abuse, eventually it is the nation’s need to persist in its belief that sheer hard work, dedication and enterprise can only lead to more success – very much the thing the bunch of losers who spinned the ugly web wanted to destroy to satisfy their own personal and political ambitions.

Having seen the shadow of that black web removed, the Maltese deserve to switch back into full throttle as they look forward to even better achievements aimed at sustaining a thriving economy that has not only led to full employment, but is also providing a livelihood to more than forty-four thousand foreign workers.

It’s been a long wait and the damage done to our country in the international arena and at European fora will take much longer to be repaired, but truth is the be-all and end-all of any such situation. That it has come out triumphant will hopefully and finally lead to a new, cleansed chapter in Maltese national politics. But the perpetrators of this ugly scenario, now unreservedly discredited by the court, must shoulder the responsibility of their deeds. Because, yes, we believe in the rule of law.

And finally, a dedication to whom it may concern: “There is nothing in the world more shameful than establishing one’s self on lies and fables.” (Goethe)


The Malta Independent 26.07.18

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