MEP Marlene Mizzi has lead an IMCO Delegation to Shangai and Guangzhou in her role as representative of the European Parliament and member of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO). The delegation met several authorities including the EU-China Chamber of Commerce, the Customs Authority, Port Authorities and the mayors of both cities. The delegation consisted of cross-party parliamentarians where MEP Mizzi was head of delegation.

“The relevance and importance of EU-China relations cannot be underestimated. In this regards the EP delegation discussed important issues concerning the two parties including digitalisation, cyber security, consumer protection, customs, market surveillance and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)  infringements amongst other issues,” said MEP Mizzi.

In view of the EU-China Summit Marlene Mizzi said that “the outcomes of the summit held in Beijing will establish grounds to stregthen the current cooperation between China and the Union. In doing so both parties have a framework to tackle fraudulent practices, to strengthen the cooperation between customs and authorities to complete the shift of paperless custom procedures.” The latter is in fact a target of the Union which has been reiterated through the legislative adoption of the Single Digital Gateway, for which Mizzi was the rapporteur.

“Both the EU and China are two key players of the global economy, and together we must keep on finding ways to create a safer, fairer and well-established customs framework that will keep on using modern tools to ensure that all security measures are taken for safe and secure commercial practices. It is only then that we can protect the citizens by stopping illegal, unsafe and dangerous products from entering our markets, as well as curbing IPR infringements,” said Marlene Mizzi.







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