The legislation has seen Marlene Mizzi as the first Maltese MEP to lead a legislative report from committee stage, through to trilogues and to the final voting in plenary of the European Parliament.

The Mizzi Report on the Single Digital Gateway has received an overwhelming positive response on Thursday 13th September, with 530 votes in favour, 17 abstentions and 61 against during this latest plenary session in Strasbourg. This legislation will now be enforced in all the member states.

The Single Digital Gateway is a legislative report that embraces and enhances the freedom of movement in the European Single Market. This is done by lessening the barriers that currently exist to get administrative information from relevant bodies which the citizens who live, work, study or have a business in another EU country may need. This includes information about working and retiring, taxation, pensions, access to education and healthcare, citizens and consumer rights and more. MEP Mizzi said, “Unfortunately, many still encounter difficulties when moving, working or studying in another member state, because facing 28 different national systems can be very frustrating and daunting for citizens, as well as for businesses looking to expand to new markets”.

The new rules will establish a user-friendly, interactive European single digital gateway which, based on people’s needs, will guide them to the most appropriate services and provides access to all the necessary information and administrative procedures needed to move freely in the EU.

Above all this information will have to be made available by each member state in more than one language to ensure full usefulness of the system.

MEP Marlene Mizzi explained that this online portal is “a European search engine that will connect all public services in EU member states, whilst assisting persons, living, working or studying as well as businesses, with information and procedures that currently are often scattered, incomplete or not transparent.” What is more, the online portal will lessen bureaucratic procedures since it will pool together national and European information, procedures and problem solving services into a single entry point of the Your Europe Portal. Through this portal citizens and businesses will have easy access to information that is relevant to what they need, without being introduced to links that may be irrelevant.

“I am proud of the cooperation between all EU institutions to make this legislation possible. It has been a challenge to bring together the consensus of the three EU institutions, the many political groups and of the 28 member states. We have worked under pressure to a very tight deadline. But, it is satisfying to lead a report which will make a tangible difference to our citizens through an inclusive, borderless and user-friendly digital public service. I welcome the overwhelming support for the Mizzi Report, but my greatest satisfaction is delivering a legislation, which makes a real difference to millions of citizens. This is what gives me great pleasure in my work as a legislator and an MEP,” said Marlene Mizzi.

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