The European Parliamentary Petitions Committee has unanimously voted in favour of MEP Marlene Mizzi’s opinion on Animal Transport. In her role as S&D spokesperson, MEP Mizzi appealed to European stakeholders to ensure better animal practices during their transportation.

“We need to stop cases where animals are (over) loaded in containers and left in scorching heat without food and water, or in freezing temperatures, especially in borders waiting for custom clearance. This is not on!” said Marlene Mizzi, a known animal lover.

Mizzi spoke on “the need to improve the way animals are transported from one destination to another, irrespective of whether the destination is within or outside of the European Union. We must not allow the ongoing systematic and serious violations of the 2005 Council Regulation that seeks to ensure higher standards during the transport of animals. On the contrary, we must find better ways to enforce this regulation to safeguard the animals in transport.”

It is because of this that MEP Mizzi further stated, “It is time for enforcement of the existing legislation, which should cover and protect all animals, irrespective of how they are transported, and be it on land or at sea. All member states must abide with this legislation, and the European Institutions must hold those members liable if they fail to comply with Union law.”


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