As the S&D spokesperson and rapporteur in the Culture and Education (CULT) Committee of the European Parliament, MEP Marlene Mizzi called for the need to invest further in the areas of culture and education .She stated this in her report on European Funds such as Interreg, EDRF and other European financing instruments, which report was voted overwhelmingly in favour.

MEP Mizzi stated that “it is vital to see an increase in investment in the areas of culture, education, youth and sport, this is even more so, since these sectors have been under-funded in the past. This can only be possible if we increase investment in education, regional development and projects on cultural awareness, and youth empowerment.”

Mizzi stated that education and culture must be considered as a tool that brings continents and countries together to work in close cooperation amongst ourselves, whilst creating a better society. This will provide youth coming from less developed European regions and under developed countries with added opportunity. The recommendation listed in the report will provide a gateway to positively shape other countries that may be presently facing political conflict or civil unrest. As such the citizens may be more culturally aware as to what may be lacking in their society and what more can be done. However such initiative needs funding and I am satisfied that my report has garnered full support.”

“The need for further investment , and the proper use of European funding in culture and education is felt all across the board. To invest in cultural cooperation and education, is to invest in both the present and future generations!” said Marlene Mizzi.

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