Earlier on this month Bjorn Formosa was awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2018 in honour of the work he does for the ALS community and his exceptional contribution to society.  MEPs Marlene Mizzi and Miriam Dalli nominated Bjorn Formosa for the prestigious European Citizens Prize – a recognition given by the European Parliament to individuals and/or groups who have particularly distinguished themselves in promoting European values and excelled within their community. Bjorn’s nomination was also supported by the PN MEPs.

Bjorn Formosa asked MEP Marlene Mizzi to accept the award on his behalf at the European Citizen’s Prize Ceremony in Brussels because he could not attend due to the delicate surgery that he had just undergone.

MEP Mizzi stated that “I am so pleased to have instigated this nomination and taken it to a successful outcome and so it is an honour to have been asked to accept the award on Bjorn’s behalf. Bjorn is an example to the rest of us because sometimes we take the simplest of things for granted. He has proven to be altruistic and selfless because notwithstanding his own challenges, Bjorn is thinking of the plights of others, and how to assist and improve the quality of life of those in his same situation. This is absolutely remarkable! I am so pleased that his altruism and enthusiasm have been acknowledged and rewarded by the European Parliament.”

MEP Mizzi said that “we must ensure to continue the legacy Bjorn has created and which he continues to work on every day. ALS is a condition that takes one by surprise. It is for this reason that we must keep on finding ways to improve the patients’ quality of life and to invest in research to find a cure for this condition.”

Knowing that Bjorn has worked so tirelessly to bring awareness to this condition, and that he could not make it to the awards ceremony, MEP Mizzi still thought of trying to make it special as possible for him. It is for this reason that during yesterday’s Xarabank, aimed to raise funds for a second “Dar Bjorn”, Marlene Mizzi surprised Bjorn with the presentation of this award on- air to thank him personally for all his work, effort and determination to help ALS Malta. “I wanted all Malta to applaud this extraordinary person and I am glad that he has been acknowledged both nationally and internationally,“ said MEP Mizzi.

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