MEP Marlene Mizzi will be leading the negotiations between Parliament, Council and the Commission on legislation concerning the trading and safety of cars, vehicles and related products after Brexit. This legislation will subsequently be incorporated in the current EU- UK negotiations concerning UK’s withdrawal from the Union in 2019. This legislation would ensure that there would be no disruptions in the car industry that is a strong economic player in both the EU and UK, and consequential loss of jobs, while the citizens would be assured of EU safety standards.

The Mizzi Report entitled “Complementing EU type-approval legislation with regard to the withdrawal of the UK from the Union” was overwhelmingly voted – 29 in favour, 1 abstention, 0 against – in the IMCO committee. MEP Marlene Mizzi has been given the green light to lead the talks with both Council and Commission on behalf of all the political groups of the EP.

“This draft regulation covers automotive machinery such as vehicles, systems, components and separate technical units, necessary to ensure the proper functioning of auto-motives. The proposal sets conditions to obtain a declaration of conformity, commonly referred to as type-approval, from an EU-27 type-approval authority. It will mitigate the effects that Brexit may have on manufacturers seeking to place on the market, register or enter into service any automotive products in the Union. It will also clarify the powers and obligations if the EU type- approval authority, which will act as a market surveillance authority to cover all products falling within the scope of this legislation,” said Marlene Mizzi.

“In the tripartite discussions that are to take place in the coming weeks. I will endeavor to reach a compromise, to ensure legal certainty and prevent unnecessary disruption to trade and preventing loss of income and jobs in both the UK and the EU, while maintaining quality standards to safety and environmental compliance by this important industry,” said MEP Mizzi.

The Mizzi legislative report is scheduled to be voted in plenary in December, making it the first report concerning Brexit to be completely led and negotiated by a Maltese MEP.

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