The European Parliament voted today to put an end to expensive international calls within the EU.

MEP Marlene Mizzi, spokesperson for the S&D and shadow rapporteur on the legislative report European Electronic Communications Code said: “From the 15th of May 2019, European citizens will no longer worry about high prices when they call their families and friends in another EU country. Intra-EU calls within the EU will be capped at. There will no longer be exorbitant bills for international calls when made to other EU member states.”

“The new telecom rules voted today are a major leap forward for consumers. I am proud that, following theRoaming Regulation, once more I was part of the negotiating team working on this ground-breaking legislation of great benefit to our citizens,” said MEP Mizzi.

“The moment we negotiated the end to roaming charges, I had pledged that the next step for me as an MEP would be to push for lower and unified rates for phone calls from one EU country to another. And today we have delivered tangible benefits to our citizens, which is what we had promised and much more,” said Marlene Mizzi.

The new measures also include a number of important provisions substantially improving the rights of  consumers and acknowledges the rights  for people with disabilities. The law will also ensure that basic and affordable internet is a universal right that must be guaranteed to all EU citizens. “Last but not least, we pushed for a special emergency alert system – the reverse 112 – a number which member states will use to provide direct information and warnings to people finding themselves in the vicinity of a danger zone, such as a terrorist attack or natural catastrophe. This is added protection to our citizens to ensure their safety in dangerous situations.

“At a time when European citizens are increasingly doubtful of the merits of the European project itself, the vote today should be seen as having a major impact in improving the lives of its citizens and reminding them of the positive elements and benefits that stem directly from being part of the European project,” said MEP Mizzi.

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