Born: 24th December

Member of the European Parliament

Personal Information

Marlene Mizzi was born in Rabat, Malta. She is the daughter of John Cacciottolo and Josephine Micallef. She has one brother- Profs. Joseph Cacciottolo. She  is married to Mr. Justice  Antonio Mizzi. They have one daughter, Alexandra, who is also a lawyer.

Academic background

Marlene Mizzi was educated at St Dorothy’s Convent, Junior College, and the University of Malta. She graduated with an honors degree in Economics in 1976. She subsequently continued her studies at the Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands, where she read for a Masters degree- M.Phil. She is continuing her studies and is presently reading for a doctoral degree, Ph.D. Her field of specialisation is Corporate Governance. Her doctoral thesis will deal with Effective Boards and Corporate Governance, and will focus on the Maltese corporate scenario and its comparison with international corporate practices.

Work Experience

Manufacturing: Marlene Mizzi started her work experience as a Time and Motion engineer with Heidemann Company Ltd. – a German manufacturing company producing casual wear.  She later joined Bogner Sports Company Ltd., another German company, producing ski- and up- market sports wear, as a production manager. Marlene trained with Bogner in Munich for a year in the fields of production, marketing and design.

Retail: In 1980 Marlene set up her own company, Amca Ltd., retail and import company specialising in children and maternity wear. She is the majority shareholder and Managing Director of Amca Ltd. The company currently owns four retail outlets and the major British franchise of educational toys – Early Learning Centre (ELC). Marlene worked in London for Mothercare and ELC in the retail and marketing departments. Marlene is the third generation of the business headed by the female members of the family.

Insurance: Marlene Mizzi is Chairman and 50% share-holder of Millennium Insurance Agency, set up in 1999. Millennium Insurance Agency is an agent for Lloyds of London and handles most classes of insurance business.

Banking: Marlene worked in the banking sector in Finland for Sparbanken i Abo, and in Switzerland for Union de Banque Suisse (UBS). She worked in the foreign exchange and the numbered accounts departments.


Marlene Mizzi was appointed to the Board of Directors of Sea Malta Company Ltd. in January 1997, and later its Chairman in April 1997. She occupied the Chairmanship for 9 years until she resigned voluntarily in June 2005.

She was also Chairman of Flagstone Insurance Brokers and Medfeeder Company Ltd.

In 1998 she was elected to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Valletta. She was elected to the Board every year until December 2007. She was also a member of the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee of the said Bank as well as the Chairman of the BoV Social Club.

Marlene Mizzi became a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce (later called the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise) in 1987 and was elected to the Council in 1991. Marlene occupied the post of Assistant Hon. Secretary in 1991 and Honorary Secretary of the said Chamber in 1992.  To date, she was elected to Council every time she contested the elections. She was the only female member elected to the Council as well as to have occupied an Officer’s post of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise until the merger of the Chamber with the Federation of Industry (FOI) in January 2009.

Marlene was also a member of the Faculty of   Economics, Management, and Accountancy (FEMA) of the University of Malta.

Marlene is a founder member of The Today Public Policy Forum- a national think tank whose members are invited to join for their contributions through independent minded thinking. The TPPI was set up in 2008 to address different issues of national importance.

Marlene Mizzi served as  member of  the council of the Malta Institute of Management, and  member of its Academic council, which  oversees different aspects of the Institute’s qualification and degree programmes.  She has  been appointed Life Honorary Member of the MIM  in recognition of her achievements.

Marlene regularly attends international conferences dealing with Corporate Governance and the workings and responsibilities of the Board of Directors- the subject of her doctoral thesis. She has held seminar and workshops for a number of institutions, including the Institute of Directors, the Malta Institute of Accountants and the National Forum of Auditors. She is a regular speaker in conferences focusing on board matters and corporate governance, both in Malta and abroad.

Politics: Marlene officially joined the  Labour Party in 2008. In 2009 she was invited to run for the European Parliament elections under the  Labour Party  ticket. She was by-elected the first  Maltese woman MEP in April 2013 , replacing a previous MEP who was elected to the national parliament. Marlene was the Chair of the PL Business Forum which focused on bridging the PL with the business community.

Other information

Marlene Mizzi is an avid traveler   and has visited countries from all over the world – from Alaska to Brazil, from Hawaii to China.  Marlene is an avid reader, and has an extensive well indexed library. She regularly trains to keep fit and has amongst other sports, trained in kick- boxing. Marlene has held the national record for discus throwing for many years. She also plays the piano and has the seventh grade certification from the London School of Music. Marlene speaks English, Italian and Spanish fluently and basic understanding of German.


Marlene Mizzi is an animal lover, and currently has four cats – all strays who have been given a home. She forms part of the Intragroup for Animal Welfare  of the European Parliament.


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