Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi (S&D) has called upon the European Parliament to take a leading role in the current economic crisis by promoting measures that will help to foster growth and jobs in Europe.

Speaking in Strasbourg yesterday for the first time since becoming the first female Member of the European Parliament from Malta, Marlene Mizzi said: “The European Parliament must send out a strong signal that it is here for the people that it represents.  We must ensure that all the decisions taken by us help our citizens improve their quality of life by promoting growth and making sure that no one is left behind”.

Yesterday, Marlene Mizzi was also appointed as member of the prestigious Economic and Monetary affairs committee (ECON). The ECON committee is widely considered as one of the most influential committees in the European Parliament.  Speaking about her role, Marlene Mizzi said:  “In my role as a member of the ECON committee, I will be doing my best to ensure that our economies get on the right track as soon as possible.  I believe that now more than ever, we must work hard to push forward sensible economical measures which promote sustainable growth”.

Having held various prestigious positions throughout her career, Marlene Mizzi will now be representing the Maltese citizens in the only directly elected institution of the European Union.  In conclusion, Marlene Mizzi stated that: “It is of great privilege to be able to represent the Maltese people with my work in the European Parliament.  I promise the citizens of Malta and Gozo that I will be doing my utmost in order to safeguard their interests in the best way possible”.


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