On Friday 15th November, 2013, Hon. Marlene Mizzi participated in the event “What about your Privacy?” organised by the European Parliament Information Office in Malta held at the University of Malta.

The debate on online privacy and data protection highlighted the need for awareness and education campaigns on people’s online safety and their rights as users of the internet.

“Some attacks on the internet go beyond decency. There has to be some sort of regulation. Freedom of expression is important but it is not the freedom to humiliate and insult people at will.”, said MEP Marlene Mizzi, during her intervention, where she spoke about the way that many people seem to be using the internet to launch personal attacks on politicians.

Ms Mizzi also mentioned the so-called right to ‘erasure,’ which Civil Liberties MEPs have inserted in the new text they approved last month. According to the Civil Liberties Committee, any person would have the right to have their personal data erased if he/she requests it.

“To strengthen this right, if a person asks a ‘data controller’ (e.g. an internet company) to erase his/her data, the firm should also forward the request to others where the data are replicated. The “right to erasure” would cover the “right to be forgotten” as proposed by the Commission,” Ms Mizzi said.


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