Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi was the key -note speaker at a high-level conference in Brussels, to discuss a very controversial Commission proposal which if it goes through may beneficial to small businesses and entrepreneurship in Europe. The Conference was organized by the European Association of small and medium size enterprises UEAPME the leading voice of SMEs in Europe, in collaboration with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and BUSINESSEUROPE.

The high profile of the speakers, including speakers from the EU Commission, at the Conference “Societas Unius Personae (SUP): What’s in it for SMEs?”, raised the bar of the discussion at a very high political and technical level. The tense debate, once again, proved the importance and sensitivity of the file that has already divided and polarised stakeholders not only in Brussels but also in many Member States.

The Commission proposal called the Societas Unius Personae (SUP) main aim is to reduce direct and indirect costs for SMEs associated with the setting up of company abroad.

MEP Marlene Mizzi who is also the rapporteur on that controversial dossier in IMCO Committee, opened the debate with a very strong statement , said that “enhancing opportunities for small companies in Europe to conduct trade cross border business, will positively affect economic growth and creation of employment. This can be done by having simple, cost effective method of on -line cross border registration of companies as long as transparency and robust corporate governance is ensured, in order to protect creditors, consumers and workers’ rights”
MEP Mizzi was not convinced that the Commission’s proposal, as it stands , is the right instrument to offer such protection. MEP Mizzi said that access to affordable capital, identifying foreign business opportunities, partners and other operational problems that SMEs face every day should also have been looked by the Commission.

Mrs Mizzi also stated that ” quality of companies should not be sacrificed for quantity with the risk that after a few months these companies are insolvent or bankrupt at the expense of creditors and employees” ‘
“If we get this legislation right, it will encourage entrepreneurship and create jobs; if we get it wrong it will be at the expense of consumers, creditors and employees. As a rapporteur It is my duty to ensure that all stakeholders are protected and no abuse is made of the availability of simplified cross- border company registration”


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