European Member of Parliament, Marlene Mizzi, urged Member States and the European Union to reinforce and take immediate actions at European and national levels in the fight against terrorism during a European Parliament debate in Strasbourg. “We need to cover every aspect of this hideous crime, from prevention to protection and prosecution,” said Mizzi in her speech.

The European Parliament voted on new rules on combating terrorism aimed at criminalising acts such as travelling abroad to join a terrorist group, recruiting for terrorism or publicly inciting and advocating terrorism. The new rules also include strong provisions on the protection of victims of terrorism and their families.

“Today, the world is facing an extremely aggressive terrorist organisations dedicated to killing people, disseminating fear, undermining democratic modern societies and threatening peoples’ lives. Terrorist organisations are becoming more trans-national, logistically well organised and well-funded,” commented Marlene Mizzi during the debate in plenary.

Unfortunately, the recent terrorist attacks manifested the consistent lack of enforcement measures and coordination between security services, police and judicial authorities, at the national and the European levels.  Understandably, people all around Europe are petrified and expect more from Europe and Member States.

More than 80% of European citizens have chosen the fight against terrorism to be the EU’s number one priority according to the vast majority of people surveyed in a special Eurobarometer carried out by the European Parliament.

“I completely agree with our citizens. It is time to realise that there is too much at stake here and non-action is not an option. It is vital to reinforce the existing measures and to update the EU legal framework on combatting terrorism and terrorist networks. And I think that this new proposal is the first step of many that need to be taken in the fight against terrorism,” MEP Mizzi said.




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