MEP Marlene Mizzi has called out Members of the European Parliament for having double standards following the vote on a Resolution on the Rule of Law in Malta and Slovakia. Malta is facing a fourth resolution against it, on matters concerning the rule law. She also criticised the fact that the values of the EP – those of non-discrimination, fairness and objectivity – are not being exercised in this situation.

Mizzi stated that “the partisan politics behind this resolution are very apparent. It is a resolution based on lack of integrity of facts and misinformation. Malta is the only Member State to face four resolutions against it under this legislature. NeitherPoland nor Hungary – both of which have been found in contempt of article 2 of the Treaty –  have had to face as many resolutions.These are double standards which should never be exercised by the EP.”

“This shameful  resolution against Malta was co-authored by one of our own Maltese MEPs as shadow rapporteur, who is also the LIBE coordinator for the European People’s Party.  This is truly deplorable,” said Marlene Mizzi.

“Whilst I understand that there is still room for progress, and that no government or country  is perfect,  I will not accept that my country’s name is dragged through the mud over and over again without any respect for objectivity and integrity of facts. The Maltese government  has already adopted more legislative changes in favour of transparency, than the PN  has in 25 years in government. The Maltese government and has  also already expressed its intention to comply with the recommendations of the Venice Commission, yet amazingly, none of this has been taken into account in the drafting of the resolution.”

“I will keep on defending Maltas name and the interest of our citizens against those who are unjustly tarnishing the name of our country,” concluded MEP Marlene Mizzi.